Ivory Computers, Cell Phones And Household Appliances

Founded in 1991

and is now the foremost store chain in the field of computers, smartphones, appliances, tablets, consoles and games, accessories, peripheral equipment, etc...

A Variety of Products

The variety of products (over 6,000 products) marketed by the company includes desktop and laptop computers, cellular phones and smartphones, monitors and TV screens, appliances, tablets, gaming consoles and games, software, computer peripheral equipment and accessories

Assembling Desktop Computers

Ivory operates a logistics center with an innovating assembly lab, where all custom desktops are assembled according to the customer's specifications. Orders can be placed at any Ivory store, as well as online. Computers are comprised of the best and most advanced components and their quality is tested rigorously and extensively prior to their delivery to the custom

Customer Service

Ivory maintains service stations in most of its stores and a nationwide customer service department that provides assistance in all matters


Ivory's wish to provide equal service to as many people as possible results in our making efforts to adjust the stores facilities and accommodate the needs of customers with disabilities


Center - Hasharon
Branch Address Sun-Thu Fri. & Holiday eve Saturday
Ivory Bat Yam Nissenbaum 33, Bat Yam (Bat Yomon Mall) 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Holon Al-Melakha corner Mashbir 1, Holon (Premium Center) 9:00-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Kfar Saba Hayotsrim 2, Kfar Saba 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Netanya Giborey Israel 5, Netanya (Nitzba Center) 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Petah Tikva - Matalon Ha'Sivim 2, Petah Tikva 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Petach Tikva - Segula Shmaya VeAvtalyon 2, Petah Tikva 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Petach Tikva - Main Branch Ha'Sivim 18, Petah Tikva (Ogen Park) 8:00-19:00 8:00-13:00 Closed
Ivory Rosh HaAyin Barkan 1, Rosh HaAyin 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Rishon LeZion - Lishanski Lishanski 20, Rishon LeZion (Stocci complex) 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Rishon LeZion - Rothschild Rothschild 45, Rhison LeZion (Rothschild Mall) 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Ramat Gan - Bnei Brak Mivza Kadesh 58, Bnei Brak 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Ramat Gan - The Stock Exchange Harkon 7, Ramat Gan(Stock Exchange Complex) 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Raanana HaTaasiya 19, Raanana 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Tel Aviv - Dizengoff Center Dizengoff 50, Tel Aviv 9:30-21:00 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Tel Aviv - HaHarutz HaHarutz 10, Tel Aviv 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Branch Address Sun-Thu Fri. & Holiday eve Saturday
Ivory Jerusalem - Givat Shaul Givat Shaul 40, Jerusalem 9:30-19:30 9:00-13:30 Closed
Ivory Jerusalem - King George King George 7, Jerusalem 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Jerusalem - Talpiot HaParsa 3, Jerusalem 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Modi'in Yishpro Center, Modi'in 10:00-20:00 9:00-14:30 Closed
Branch Address Sun-Thu Fri. & Holiday eve Saturday
Ivory Hadera - Mul HaHof Mul HaHof Village Complex 9:30-21:00 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Hadera Mix branch Mix Commercial Center 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Hutzot HaMifratz HaHaroshet St. Hutzot HaMifratz Mall 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Haifa Haazmaot 104, Haifa 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Karmiel Maale Kamoon 9, Carmiel (My Center Complex) 10:00-19:00 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Nof Hagalil (Nazareth Illit) Hayezira 12, Nof Hagalil (Nazareth Illit) 10:00-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Afula Kehila Tsiyon 5, Afula 10:00-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Branch Address Sun-Thu Fri. & Holiday eve Saturday
Ivory Eilat - Pninat Eilat Pninat Eilat Center, Northern Beach Promenade 10:00-20:30 9:00-14:30 Half hour after Shabbat ends until 23:00
Ivory Eilat – Red Center Kamen 12, Red Center 10:00-20:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Eilat - Sderot Ha Tmarim Sderot HaTmarim 9, Eilat 9:30-20:00 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Eilat - Eilat Big Eilat Big Complex 10:00-20:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Ashdod Zabotinski 45, Ashdod (Star Mall) 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Ashkelon Ben Gurion 13, Ashkelon 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Beer Sheva - Beit Noam Shazar Ave. 21, Beit Noam, Beer Sheva 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Kiryat Gat Kikar Paz 3, Kiryat Gat (Lev HaIr Mall) 10:00-19:30 9:00-14:00 Closed
Ivory Rehovot Derech Yavne 34, Rehovot 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed
Ivory Ramla Azrieli David Raziel 1, Ramla (Azrieli Mall) 9:30-19:30 9:00-14:30 Closed